Samsung Recovery Solution 5

SEC (Freeware)

Samsung Recovery Solution 5 is a utility application that enables users to restore their computer’s operating system to a previous back up state. This application is capable of creating a backup of the user’s saved files and folders, as well as system settings, configuration options for installed software, and network settings. Samsung Recovery Solution 5 is capable of bringing the computer in a “restore point” in case the system suffers from a serious error brought by a virus infection or system malfunction. This feature allows users to retrieve their important files and settings that would have been completely lost should the system fails. Samsung Recovery Solution 5 is a pre-installed application and exclusively used in laptop and notebook computers manufactured by Samsung Corporation.

Samsung Recovery Solution 5 features a simple user interface that allows users to choose between two backup modes. The first backup mode is the complete backup mode, which automatically creates a backup of all the user’s files, installed programs, and settings. This type of backup takes up a large amount of disc space and requires a longer time to form the backup shell. The other mode is the data backup mode, which allows users to choose specific files, programs, and settings that they would want to save. In addition to these, Samsung Recovery Solution 5 is capable of creating backups in an optical disc such as a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray, or in an external hard drive.