Samsung PC Studio 7

Samsung (Freeware)

Samsung PC Studio 7 is a program designed to manage personal and multimedia data of a Samsung mobile phone using a computer. This application features a connection manager that enables users to choose the type of connection for the computer-to-phone connection. Available connection types include Serial, Bluetooth, USB and Infrared. The program can be used to manage messages (multimedia/SMS) and contacts. It can also retrieve personal data saved on a Samsung phone then perform certain actions like adding, editing or deleting data.

Samsung PC Studio can also be used to synchronize personal data saved in a Samsung mobile phone then back it up in a computer. Transferring files from and to a computer and a phone is possible as well. The program has drag-and-drop support when transferring files. Aside from this, the application can also be used to manage Internet connections, wherein the user has the ability to access the Internet by using the phone as a modem. Composing multimedia messages from a computer then sending it via a Samsung phone is possible as well. The program also offers a Media Manager widget, which can be used to update different types of music information such as genre, artist, Review and more. Sharing contents such as videos and photos to different websites such as YouTube or Flickr via drag-and-drop support is possible as well.