Samsung Network PC Fax

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Samsung Network PC Fax is an application package developed by Samsung Electronics for sending fax messages using Samsung devices. Using this program, users can send any document to the Samsung device and perform faxing and printing tasks. The program can also be used for managing all fax messages sent using the device. It also includes a Fax Journal window, which displays a record of every fax attempt through a chosen network host. Users can send fax messages to one or multiple recipients. When sending to multiple recipients, the program automatically dials target fax devices then forwards the message.

Here are other functions of Samsung Network PC Fax:

• Users can install the program to a host computer then expose its subordinated MFP PC Fax devices as normal printer to network clients.
• The application also offers special fax printer options including displaying a list of recipients’ numbers, which are integrated with the address book of the computer system.
• The Fax Journal window also offers the ability to gather access information on all network clients. It can also be used for previewing the Fax task, resending Fax message, displaying print list, and filtering the list of print tasks.
• Samsung Network PC Fax also features advanced cover pages, which can be used when sending fax messages. These cover pages may contain various visual styles on different languages. Users may also include logo images.