Samsung Kies

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Bundled)

The Samsung Kies is a freeware program developed by Samsung Electronics. It was developed for the company’s mobile and tablet computer devices. This program is used to link Samsung mobile and tablet to a computer. The Samsung Kies is available in two versions – Kies full version and Kies Mini. The Kies Mini is solely developed for updating the operating systems (OS versions) of some Samsung mobile devices.

The Samsung Kies software can be used to sync and transfer the multimedia content of a Samsung mobile device or tablet to a computer. These files include music, photos, and movies/videos. This program is also used to backup data including calendars and contacts. It is also used to download podcasts and Samsung-compatible applications. Upgrading the operating system and device firmware can also be done with this application.

The Samsung Kies application is also used to organize, update and sync all the mobile device and tablet’s media files within a single media library. This media library can be used to access, play and sort the media files (i.e. movie, photo, contacts, calendars) on the computer. It can also create playlists across different services and devices such as iTunes.

The program uses a USB cable to connect the Samsung device to a computer. However, with connectivity using wireless LAN, Kies is also possible with some Samsung gadgets. Wireless connectively requires a Wi-Fi connection for it to work wherein all the devices are connected to a single network. It does not work with 3G or 4G networks.