Samsung AllShare 2.1.1

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Samsung AllShare is a plug-in application that enables users to access their multimedia files from any location at any time. This application contains features used to view and play music, video files, and photos in devices such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, television, and digital cameras that are compatible with AllShare/DLNA software. Samsung AllShare is capable of providing access to music, photos, and videos wirelessly from the user’s PC to an external device. In addition to remote device access, Samsung AllShare can be used to share multimedia files to other users via a wireless or cable connection. Users can share single files or whole albums or folders of music, videos, and photos. This application is preinstalled in some laptop and notebook computers manufactured by Samsung Technologies.

Samsung AllShare features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. The first part contains the main action buttons that enable users to select a particular device, which shall be used to access their multimedia files. This section also has buttons used in sharing files and selecting a location for file sharing or viewing. The next part is the preview section where users can preview their music, video, and image files. This section contains basic media player controls such as play, pause, stop, skip, volume controls, etc. The next part is the file list, which displays the multimedia files that are being shared or previewed. Users can view the file name, location, file size, and associated file type of the selected multimedia file.