Samplitude Producer

MAGIX AG (Shareware)

Samplitude Producer is a professional recording and digital studio software that was first released in 1993. Audio productions from arranging, recording, editing, and mixing can be professionally done using a wide variety of tools in the software. The fully customizable user interface can support large music and audio projects.

Samplitude Producer’s digital workstation provides tools for solo or individual projects. Users can arrange, record, edit vocals and instruments. The “Jam Session” option offers virtual band accompaniment for audio projects. The multi-track recorder allows flexibility in band recording and practice. The software also includes a MIDI editor, audio editing tools, mixing tools, and professional effects for all audio projects. The software comes with a step-by-step instructional video tutorial to guide beginners.

Other key features of Samplitude Producer include the following:

• A large number of video tutorials can be found on the user community forums. These include basic audio production to digital recording.
• Users can also add audio accompaniment when recording vocals or musical instruments.
• Different tools that are customizable comprise the user’s workspace for efficient workflow. This fully-optimized software enables users to create large audio projects and sound recordings.
• The software has a built-in sound rack (FX Rack) that contains new effect presets from different professional producers and mixers.