Samplitude Pro X

MAGIX AG (Proprietary)

Samplitude Pro X is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) designed to arrange, record, edit and mix audio productions. The program also makes professional mastering and CD/DVD authoring possible.

The interface is highly customizable for users to tailor their audio files depending on their own needs. Samplitude Pro X has four main features, namely an audio engine with 64-bit support, 32-bit support, mastering quality plug-ins, and 5.1 surround mixing. The 64-bit support allows users to take advantage of the 64-bit applications and plug-ins while still using 32-bit support, as the program works in both operating systems. The mastering quality plug-ins includes the range of editing functions the application has. In spectral editing, it allows the user to remove unwanted noise such as coughs and claps without altering the original audibly. As with the 5.1 surround mixing, any playback devices can be assigned to all of the Surround master’s channels. Additionally, those audio files can be divided between the existing Surround busses. This is not only possible for audio tracks; individual objects can also be routed directly to the master for editing through the panorama module. Existing projects can be mixed in the Surround format as well.

Other features of Sample Pro X include:
• New docking concept “Docking System” that enables interface adjustments
• AAF/OMF Support to simplify data exchange between platforms and programs
• Include essential FX Suite, VariVerb Pro, and Vintage Effects Suite
• A set of virtual instruments