Samplitude Music Studio 16

MAGIX AG (Proprietary)

Samplitude Music Studio 16 is an audio application that enables users to record, mix, and master musical recordings. It can be used by aspiring musicians, sound engineers, music editors, and producers. This program has a complete set of virtual instruments, sound effects, tools, and features for music composition, multi-track audio editing, mixing, sound mastering, and sound processing.

Some of this program’s features are the following:

• Drum Collection – this feature provides users with 200 preset loops covering different genres, such as hip hop, rock, drum ‘n bass, rock, and movie score.
• Built-in guitar and bass amplifier – the amplifier comes with ready-to-use sound templates. Users can also set individual effects, including chorus, overdrive, tremolo, and distortion.
• Harmony Agent – this feature provides users with the ability to practice playing a real instrument with accompaniment. Users can import a music track (MP3, WAV, or from a CD), and the program’s harmony detection tool will show the chords and the fingering chart for the lead guitar.
• Elastic Audio – this feature enables users to edit monophonic audios, such as solo instruments and vocal tracks. Users can edit pitch, or layer up to four vocal tracks using the application’s harmonizer.
• Mixing and Effects – Samplitude Music Studio 16 allows users to open effects and embed these onto a track using the mixer. It also provides an equalizer that contains options for optimizing instruments and vocals.