Samplitude 12.2

MAGIX AG (Proprietary)

Samplitude is a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW developed by MAGIX AG and released in 1995. A DAW is a computer program, which allows users to record, edit, master, mix, and output audio tracks. Samplitude allows users to record and manipulate digital audio tracks. It also allows users to manipulate audio tracks in MIDI file format. This software can also apply reverb and delay effects to audio tracks, among others. It also features automatic audio mixing. Samplitude users can also utilize virtual musical instruments including synthesizers, samplers, and software drum machines.

Samplitude differs from other DAW in the market in that it features object-oriented editing. In the Samplitude user interface, audio tracks appear as objects or graphical representations of the audio track or MIDI track. An audio track looks like a typical WAV file, whereas the MIDI track will be represented by dots that stands for the notes in the MIDI track. Samplitude Object Editor allows users to apply effects on each object in a track instead of to the whole track. Some of these controls are Volume control, Pan, Timestretch, Invert Phase, Pitchshift and VST plugins, among others. Samplitude objects are created through recording or importing and uploading to Samplitude. These objects may be copied,or split and glued to other tracks.

Samplitude also features the essentialFX Suite which contains 10 audio plug-ins. Samplitude also contains built-in effects like the Am-munition Compressor or Limiter, Vandal which is the Guitar and Bass Amp simulator, and AM-Suite or the Analogue Modelling Suite.