IK Multimedia (Proprietary)

SampleTron is an audio application that consists samples of vintage virtual intruments, such as Optigans, Chamberlins, and Mellotrons. The program allows users to edit and create music by combining the different samples that are built in to the application. With this program, users can create music in different genres including hip hop, rock, jazz, blues, and many more.

The program’s interface consists of the samples, a virtual keyboard, and knobs that can be turned to achieve different effects. These knobs are for tweaking the pitch, harmonics, pan, and others. This application comes with 17 vintage instruments that come with more than 600 presets. The application can be used as a standalone program or as a host sequencer. In addition to all the presets that come with the program, there are also effects that enhance the sound of the samples. Some of the effects include reverb, chorus, crusher, lo-fi, distortion, tremolo, and many others.

Here are the other main features of the program:
• Comes with three synthesizer engines (traditional resampling, pitch shift and time stretch, and enhanced STRETCH)
• Has built-in macro controls for tweaking sounds including noise resonance, key release, tone, and sustain
• Has different performance modes (legato 1 to 2, mono, and poly)