SAM2 Broadcaster

Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC (Shareware)

SAM2 Broadcaster is an online streaming application that allows its users to broadcast radio programs over the Internet in real time. It was created and distributed by a company called Spacial and SAM pertains to Streaming Audio Manager, which is the primary purpose of the application. It can be operated from any designated computer system. Upon installation and launching, it will immediately transform a basic computer into a system that generates an Internet radio program.

Apart from MP3 files, the SAM2 Broadcaster application also allows its users to broadcast WMV and OGG files with ease. For as long as there is a stable connection to the Internet, program users will not encounter problems with the SAM2 Broadcaster. Besides having the ability to start one’s own radio program online, it is also an effective platform to use when it comes to audio file sharing.

The SAM2 Broadcaster comes equipped with a library feature that allows people to classify their songs into different categories that can easily be accessed and played back when necessary. Apart from the easy management of files, the same program also makes it possible for these to be streamed without fail. Users can decide to create playlists, which can easily be stored on the system for streaming or migrated into other external devices like MP3 players and the like.