Sally's Studio

GamesCafe (Shareware)

Sally’s Studio is a time management game wherein players have to manage a studio and help customers in different locations. The game has ten different locations with five stages each. In each studio, there are several stations wherein visitors need Sally’s help. Players must help customers with their yoga poses, toning, dancing, and other activities. Points are awarded for each visitor helped. There are also different types of visitors who go to the studio; some are more patient than others. Each level’s goal is to raise enough money to move on to the next level. If the minimum monetary requirement is not reached, players must repeat the level.

Money raised can be used to upgrade the studio equipment to make them more efficient for the visitors to use. The money can also be used to hire extra people to help Sally in the studio. As the player progresses to higher levels, the game gets more difficult.

Other features of Sally’s Studio are:
• Dozens of characters
• More than 60 shopping items
• Mini games
• Addictive gameplay
• 50 levels

Users can also get ten medals and five trophies for doing specific tasks in the game. Sally’s Studio has a collector’s edition that has ten additional stages to play.