Saints Row III

Volition, Inc. (Proprietary)

Saints Row III, or Saints Row: The Third is a humorous action-adventure game developed by Volition, Inc. The game takes place in an open-world environment and features a street gang called the Third Street Saints. In the game’s storyline, a criminal group called The Syndicate had been demanding tribute from the Saints. The player, as one of the leaders of the Saints, refuses. The Saints and The Syndicate battle it out in a location called Steelport, a formerly great city that has become under Syndicate control. The Saints aim to take the city for their own.

Saints Row III takes players to different missions in the city of Steelport. There are also side missions such as minigames and activities. Players are also given side missions to take over a certain section of Steelport, as well as take part in on-the-spot gang warfare. When players succeed in missions, they can obtain weapons and cars, earn in-game money, and get gang respect. Respect counts as experience points that grant levels; this allows the player to use their earned money for improving certain aspects of their character, including added combat skills. Players can also purchase upgrades for weapons, cars, and clothing items for character customization. When players earn enough money, they can also upgrade the whole gang of Saints, from their looks to their headquarters.