Saint Paint Studio

Mark Judge (Freeware)

Saint Paint Studio is a image-editing paint package program developed by Mark Judge. It is used for editing and creating 16-color, 256-color, True color, and monochrome graphic images. It can also be used for animating images as well as editing AVI videos. The program includes standard tools for image editing. It supports a variety of image formats including JPEG/JPG, BMP, PNG, CUR, GIF, AVI, and more.

Saint Paint Studio provides the following features:

• Device Independent – All edited images are device independent. After editing an image, all information and parameters about the image’s colors and palette are internally saved.
• Color Depth Conversion Support – The application also provides support for all color depth conversion combinations including monochrome color images, 256 color, true colors, 16 colors, and others. It also includes two dithering options.
• Animation System – Saint Paint Studio support both AVI and GIF file formats. This allows users to complete animation of images. The program also includes animation playback controls for previewing files.
• File Management Features – Users can also manage images via the program’s image file browser. This tool features an adjustable viewing grid for previewing files to be edited. It also offers file-handling functions such as copy, undo, rename, find, and delete.
• Other Features – Other main features included in the program are free hand brush grabs, rotation, resizing, flipping, color palette swapping, anti-aliasing, and more.