Sage Instant Accounts 2011

Sage UK Ltd. (Shareware)

Sage Instant Accounts 2011 is an accounts utility from a software designer that is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry today. This utility is intended for the usage of small businesses and new enterprises. This program allows for fast and efficient sharing of information between business owners and accountants. This is a multi-faceted tool that provides business owners with functionalities that can help in easing business operations and facilitate tracking of business activities.

Here are some of the main features of this advanced application. It assists users in controlling cash flow, stocks, and VAT. This utility also provides supplier and customer contact details. With regard to customer information, this utility provides useful and relevant data such as trading terms, credit history, debt level, and purchase history. Reports are available so that accounts data may be utilized by business owners in determining the status of their business enterprise. Some of the provided reports by Sage Instant Accounts 2011 are: bank reconciliation report, profits and loss report, and balance sheet report.

This application can also be used to generate email invoices, quotes for customers, and it is also a tool that features tools used to apply flexible discounts. This program can also be used to set reminders to users for the performance and completion of specific tasks.