Sage ACT! Scratchpad

Sage Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Sage ACT! Scratchpad is a word processor program developed by Sage Software for Sage ACT!. This program allows users to write and create notes about anything and everything. Users can save phone numbers, to-do lists, and even personal reminders. The program functions as a virtual personal notepad. The program features support for lists, checkboxes, and other list management options. In turn, these data can then be sent and synchronized with the Sage ACT! program.

Sage ACT! Scratchpad graphical user interface is simple and straightforward. The menu bar has three options—Send to Sage ACT!, Format, and Manage List. Buttons line below the menu bar corresponding to Up, Down, Bold, Italics, Check, Print, Delete, and Close. A number of preset notes are listed on the notepad part. Users may just edit a selected line to type in their notes. Sending a list item to Sage ACT! is easy—users have to click on the list item to activate it, and click on the Send to Sage ACT! button. Context menu items for each list item include Schedule Activity, Insert note, Record History. The Schedule Activity option allows users to tag the list item as a Meeting, Call, or To-Do. Users may customize their activity, note, or history, further by adding timestamps, date, and contact information to each list item. After clicking Send, the list item is automatically synchronized with Sage ACT!.