Saffire MixControl

Focusrite (Proprietary)

Saffire MixControl belongs to the suite of programs developwed by FocusRite for audio editing and mixing. This particular application serves to control the output routing and settings for Saffire’s range of interfaces. It comes with two channels (Mixer and Master) and four sections (Routing, Monitor, Control, Input).

The Mixer Channel enables users to blend analogue and digital inputs together before these are routed to a physical output. It consists of a channel input, pan control, fader, graphic meter, mono/stereo toggle switch, level meter, a PFL button, a solo and a mute button, and a channel name that may be changed. The Master Channel is found at the rightmost side of the mixer. It has a mix destination button that enables users to select a physical output for the mix. It also lets users copy the settings of a mix to another.

The application’s Routing Section lets users control what mix is sent to each physical output. It displays information on output source and status. It also has an output level attenuator, a dim button, a mono control, and mute buttons. The Control Section gives users control over Saffire’s global settings, so they can select the sample rate, identify the sync source, view the program’s sync status and driver status, and change the preferred settings.