SafeNet VPN Client

SafeNet (Proprietary)

The SafeNet VPN Client is a software used for providing users with a secure connectivity over their virtual private network, or VPN. A virtual private network is made up of individual users who send and receive data using not only private network connections but also the Internet. A VPN client makes sure that its users are given safe access to both private network computers and the Internet. This software does just that by offering a private networking tunnel via the Internet for accessing the VPN remotely.

Virtual private networks greatly changed how people did business. Inter-office tasks and updates are easily communicated through the private network, but because these computers are still connected to the Internet, there are still some security risks. Therefore, organizations have to make their VPNs highly secure, making VPN authentication a necessity. SafeNet VPN Client offers a highly robust VPN solution using the SafeNet Authentication. This software’s VPN Authentication system operates smoothly with other leading VPN products such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Siemens. It provides rapid deployment using its Token Management System, giving its users secure access through any platform.

The software ensures a strong virtual private network through the use of different methods such as certifications, software tokens, and passwords.