Safelog Pilot Logbook

Dauntless Software (Shareware)

Safelog Pilot Logbook is an information management application for pilots. The program allows users to keep a log of all their flight schedules. The application also comes with different types of aircrafts, which makes information tracking easier. The program’s interface is divided into different sections. Each section can be accessed from the left side of the main window. These include Logbook, Aircraft, Airports, and Records and Tools. The upper portion of the window consists of task buttons including Print, Summary, Import and Export, Sync, and Offsite Backup.

Here are more key features of the Safelog Pilot Logbook:

• Database – The program’s database consists of information for more than 70,000 landing areas and airports located around the world. Users can also add airports that are not included in the database.
• Exporting – Reports and summaries in the logbook can be exported in different file formats including Excel, XML, PDF, CSV, and Microsoft Word.
• Reports – The program also comes with built-in report options. Users can also customize these reports according to their needs and preferences.
• Access – The application can be accessed from different devices, such as Kindle, Android, iPhone, or iPad with the use of a companion software.
• Support – Users of the application have access to free technical support from programmers and professionals.