SafeHouse 3.0.7

PC Dynamics, Inc. (Shareware)

SafeHouse is an application that protects files and folders by encrypting them and adding passwords. It is also capable of adding passwords to an entire drive. The program has a simple interface where users can assign passwords to a folder or a drive. There is also a check box if the user allows others to view the files, but prevent them from making changes.

There are four tabs under Tools and Options – Primary Volume, Open Volumes, Tools, and Options. There is also an About tab that displays information about the program. The primary volume is the location that users utilize the most. This can be accessed by double clicking on the padlock icon and providing a password. Open volumes are displayed as a list. These are the locations that are not protected. Under the Tools tab, users can change the volume password, configure properties, create a new volume, or view a volume’s activity.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Makes use of military-grade encryption to ensure information security
• Simple and easy to use interface that is ideal even for novice computer users
• Unlimited number of volumes that can have 2Gb of space at most
• Has a graphical password strength to see if passwords are strong enough
• Encrypts different types of files including photos, videos, and personal documents