Big Fish Games (Proprietary)

Safecracker is a puzzle game that was first released in 2007. In the game, the player assumes the role of a locksmith and safecracker who must open a series of safes and other ancient devices in a mansion. Duncan W. Adams has recently died and his relatives hire the player to open his safes in order to search for his will. This will determine the heir to his fortune. Players must then point and click throughout the mansion to search for clues that are located in the different rooms. These clues are helpful in deciphering puzzles and opening locks that will eventually reveal the will.

While searching for clues, the player can stumble upon items that can be placed in the inventory. The game features 35 puzzles all in all. The game is accompanied by eerie music that increases the gameplay experience and makes the environment more suspenseful. The puzzles are challenging and may be best for those who enjoy solving stimulating puzzles. All the locations the player visits are situated within the walls of the large mansion. Players are guided through the different locations with the notepad that automatically draws a map of the mansion once a room has been visited.