Safari 5.1.7

Apple (Freeware)

Safari is a web browser that was released in 2003 and is Apple’s default web browser. This web browser comes equipped with standard web browser features, such as search history, bookmarking, and tabbed browsing. It also has a feature called Reading List, where you can save web pages to read for later. The items on the Reading List show the website and title of the text that you saved.

You can also browse several websites at once and organize them on one browser window. This is possible with the moveable tabs. You can rearrange the websites on the web browser by dragging the tab left or right on top of the web browser window. The Smart Address Field auto-completes web addresses that you type on the address bar. It’s also possible to organize your most visited websites. Just click on the pushpin icon that appears on the web page and it will appear on your top sites list.

Safari has built-in security that blocks pop-up windows to avoid distractions while browsing websites. It also has phishing protection and malware protection that alerts you when a website has illicit content that can harm your computer. Safari checks for the latest security updates whenever the computer is connected to the Internet.