Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel

Ascaron Entertainment GmbH (Shareware)

Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel is an action RPG developed by Ascaron Entertainment GmbH and published by Deep Silver. It is part of the Sacred game series and was initially released on November 7, 2008 for Windows. The story is the prequel to the first Sacred game. It revolves around the source of all magic and life in Arcaria called T-Energy and the struggle among races as each race tries to gain control over the T-Energy.

The game can be played either in a single player or multiplayer game. The single player game focuses on the campaign mode, which features two path choices – Light and Shadow. The path the campaign takes on depends on the player’s choice at the start of the game. The story path also determines the player’s ultimate goal at the end of the game. The game features seven playable classes – Seraphim, High Elf, Shadow Warrior, Dryad, Temple Guardian, Dragon Mage, and Inquisitor. All of which are fixed-gender but have class-specific animations and equipment. Aside from the campaign’s ultimate goal, Sacred 2 also features different types of quests (about 100 main quests and 600 side quests). The multiplayer game includes five multiplayer modes. In the PC version, up to 16 players can play in a Free play or PvP mode while 5 players can play on the Campaign Coop mode. The multiplayer game also features the hot-swapping ability. This feature enables players to leave the single player campaign game and join a multiplayer game.