SA Dictionary 2010 0.4

Stefan Angelov (Freeware)

SA Dictionary is a translator that allows the user to translate Bulgarian words into English words and vice versa. The user can input English or Bulgarian words and the software will translate the words and provide definitions. Computer terms in both languages are included. An advanced search feature is available for the user to look up certain words.

The SA Dictionary contains extensive Bulgarian-to-English and English-to-Bulgarian dictionaries. Each included dictionary has at least 20,000 words to view in both languages.  An Alpha 1 release of a French-to-Bulgarian dictionary with 35,000 words is included. The user can look up computer terms in both English and Bulgarian. When the program translates a word, the translated word is displayed with definitions and synonyms. The software supports clipboard functions. The user can just copy a word and not paste it on the interface and view the translated word and its meaning.

The user interface features an input box for the user to type in the Bulgarian or English word. Below the input box is an alphabetized row of suggested words. On the right the user can view the translated word, as well as its synonyms and definitions. The SA Dictionary includes an Exam utility to test the user’s skill in Bulgarian to English or English to Bulgarian translation.