Rybka Aquarium 4.0.5

Convekta Ltd. (Freeware)

Rybka Aquarium is a graphical user interface or GUI application developed by Conveka Ltd., which is now known as ChessOK. This is a computer chess publishing program with analysis and database tools included. The original Rybka was actually developed by Vasik Rajlich, who is considered as an International Chess Master.

The analysis tools of Rybka Aquarium use two methods: Infinite Analysis and IDeA. Infinite Analysis is a very common type of analysis method, but there are distinct features in this application. It has Analysis History that enables users to check what hasbeen analyzed for the last few days, weeks, or months. Users can view any created analyses in the chess tree. They can also load one or more chess engines using a single or in multiple windows. IDeA, which stands for Interactive Deep Analysis, is a method that assesses a position. It also follows moves that produce a tree (or more) of variations to add and focuses other analysis. Because it is automated, hundreds or thousands of positions can be analyzed in a day using this method. Users can stop the automatic processing of analysis if they wish to.

Other features of Rybka Aquarium are the following:
• Search tool
• Game playing
• Commenting
• Supports other major database formats aside from DSN