RW-Everything (Shareware)

RW-Everything, or Read & Write Utility, enables the user to gain access to all the hardware information of a computer system. This tool also has editing functions. The interface gives the user direct access to multiple functions including CPU MSR Registers, SMBIOS Structure, I/O Space and Embedded Controllers. This utility is indispensable for individuals who run diagnostics and performance tests on computer hardware.

RW-Everything is powerful and easy to use. Hardware engineers do not need to unearth relevant information because the interface already presents them with one-click access to the Command Line, PCI Index/Data, SMBus Device, Remote Access, and other pertinent data. All the information will help firmware engineers to diagnose problems and learn more about the nature of the performance issues directly from the source.

RW-Everything allows users to examine the components in-depth. For the user’s convenience, all the components are listed so that they can be readily accessed. This makes it easier to edit and view all the contents. RW-Everything has other functions such as adding additional elements for new chipsets.

This is a utility that makes it possible to write the memory of the entire system in linear mode. It also allows access to any SMBus address. Because of its capabilities, this program must be used wisely and carefully in order to avoid loss of data or degradation of system components.