RV House 0.93.6

Arto Jalkanen (Freeware)

RV House is an application that is designed to give the players of the Re-Volt racing game an online hub where the game races can be joined and hosted. Once installed, this application connects online automatically. It connects to the Internet in two ways: one is via a decentralized server or peer-to-peer network, and the other is through a centralized server. The default connection method is the centralized server; if it is not working, users can then connect via the decentralized network.

With this application, Re-Volt players will be able to share custom tracks with other players using the Re-Volt track manager. Players are also given access to the direct settings and information such as pickups, laps, and players. This application shows the usernames of players in various colors to indicate their network connection.

RV House contains rooms in which races are hosted and played. Each room is limited to 16 users or players. There may be 12 racers in total and 4 spectators. A player can create a room and give it a name for easier identification about what tracks are used or the type of race hosted. A typical race in Re-Volt has three or four laps, and players can also host unofficial races with custom tracks.