Rush for Berlin

StormRegion (Proprietary)

Rush for Berlin is a real time tactical strategy game developed by StormRegion and released on June 2006. This RTS game is set during World War II, particularly from 1944-1945. It involved four factions—the Allies, the French, the Germans, and the Soviet Red Army. The four forces try to invade Berlin, the German capital. This follows the end of the Third Reich and the subsequent war which ended in the European theater. This game is available in single player campaign mode, as well as multiplayer mode.

Rush for Berlin gameplay is delivered by the Gepard gaming engine that features sophisticated graphics and photo-realistic gaming environment. Gepard also includes weather aspect changes. The gameplay is also affected by time of day—whether day or night. This game also provides an aggressive AI technology that provides another level of difficulty for the gamers.

The game offers more than 100 war units and prototypes that the individual forces may take control of. German engineering made futuristic prototypes possible for utilization in game. The Officers use special units with heroic powers. Armed soldiers may occupy movable units, enter houses and even fight inside buildings. The game also has factory units that enable the factions to manufacture and produce supplies like weapons and vehicles. One special type of movable unit that factories can produce is the camouflage tank.