Eugen Systems (Proprietary)

R.U.S.E. is a real-time strategic war game set in World War II during the invasion of Nazi Germany in the year 1945. In the game, the player has to use a set of “ruses” or decoys to change the battle results and to trick enemy soldiers. The campaign has the player taking the role of the United States forces.  The game includes historical and fictional events in the campaign.

Some missions will have the user take control of other forces like the Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan. The player’s forces or units can attack and defend against the opposing forces. When the player sends units to attack a target, a crosshair will indicate the chances of the player’s units in attacking successfully. Chances are ranged from very easy, easy, balanced, danger and high danger. When the crosshairs indicate high danger, the player’s units will refuse to attack the target. Some units will retreat when threatened by opposing units. Units that have suffered heavy damage will automatically retreat to heal themselves. The player’s units can be upgraded for increased defense and weapons. Aircraft is available for the player to use. Aircraft can carry ammunition and soldier units and are not hampered by terrain. Some aircraft can scout areas, fight other aircraft, and do bombing runs. Buildings are also available to the player. The player can assign defense structures, gun nests, and anti-air bunkers to attack aircraft, infantry units, and tanks.    

A multi-player option is available for the player to run cooperative campaigns or play a versus game.