Safer Networking Limited (Freeware)

RunAlyzer is a configuration and autostart manager which allows users to edit and view locations where Windows searches for services and programs to start. It is also used to find and eliminate spots where malware, hijackers, and spyware hide. Startup can be quickened by stopping harmful or unnecessary applications from running. A program list is provided in the Startup folder, as well as Registry keys that control and start launching of programs at startup.

Spots that applications use to run themselves when Windows starts are provided. This locates viruses, malware, and spyware, and optimizes one’s computer. A program database showcases known entries and does online lookups to obtain the most recent entry classifications via servers. Users are given quick overviews through the use of colors.  Red means bad, and green means good. Unknown entries submitted by users are classified by functions integrated into the program. If third-party help is needed, log files can also be exported by the program such as those created by HijackThis and Spybot-S&D. RunAlyzer is compatible with Windows x64. Using a code that is multi-platform, Windows installations located on partitions and attached hard disks are automatically detected by the program and can be managed by users. This is helpful for system repair while simultaneously booting via a BartPE CD.