Run Qlock 1.89

Vitei Inc. (Freeware)

Qlock is a program that displays the time for different locations around the globe. The program adds the clock on the computer’s desktop. This timekeeping tool is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for inexperienced computer users. Furthermore, the application allows users to add several clocks on the desktop that are helpful if users want to be informed of the time in different timezones. Users have complete control over each clock’s appearance including the colors, skin, and transparency. The city of the time displayed can be enabled or disabled on the clocks.

The settings menu for the clocks can be accessed by right clicking on any of the clocks. Users can also attach notes on each clock in order to add reminders. Alarms can also be set for each clock. The clock program works on all Windows systems and does not take up a lot of resources. Users can also edit the clocks to display on the application’s main window. More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Support for several desktop profiles
• Capable of automatically synchronizing time with the Internet
• Has a wide time database that supports every major city around the world
• Support for docking multiple clocks on the desktop
• Sizes of clocks docked on the desktop are adjustable