IMVU, Inc. (Freeware)

IMVU or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is a social entertainment network developed by IMVU, Inc. in 2004. IMVU allows users to create 3D avatars of themselves for online interactions through chat, homepage creation, and game playing. IMVU also features an online virtual goods catalog composed of goods created by its members. IMVU is free to access, however for free users, they will be registered as Guest_(insert name). If the user wants to remove the Guest_  from their avatars, then they will have to purchase the service. Nonetheless, free members may chat with other members may they be paid or free members, create their own homepage, and buy content from the virtual goods catalog.

IMVU allows paid users to create virtual goods using IMVU’s Create Mode. After creation, IMVU users may submit the same for selling at the virtual goods catalog. Users may tag their creations as derivable. This would allow other creators to improve on or add on the creation and sell it as another product. Some users create just meshes or base products while others specialize on creating textures to be applied to meshes.

IMVU has its own kind of economy and three different form of currency. Credits are the regular currency that may be purchased online using real currency. These are not transferable back to real currency. However, they may be transferred to other registered users. Promotional credits or Predits are those given to members by participating on some partner promotions. Developer tokens are the third form of currency and are given to creators.