Lex Lechz (Freeware)

RuMSX is a pioneering MSX emulator. This type of program is one that virtualizes the hardware and some software required to run old programs – such as video games – that used to run on older MSX computer systems. MSX is a hardware standard developed by Microsoft Japan and the ASCII Corporation in the early 1980s, although it was only available in select areas excluding the United States. What RuMSX does is allow the smooth operation of these old games on newer systems, with the former mimicking the behavior of the systems used to play when these games were still current. Without software such as this, these old games may run at too fast a rate for them to be playable. There may also be other incompatibility issues that can arise.

The program is developed for optimum use with the following requisite peripherals: a compatible operating system, a joystick and mouse, a soundcard capable of Wave and FM/MIDI operation, and a capture card for video. It has a basic GUI or Graphical User Interface that offers ease of use to novice computer users and gamers. It is a multilingual emulator that also supports the following standards of home computing: MSX 2+, MSX 2, and MSX Turbo-R.