Rumble FighterEU

Nimonix Inc. (Proprietary)

Rumble FighterEU is a MMO fighting game developed by Nimonix in cooperation with WeMade Entertainment and published by OGPlanet. This game features real-life fighting styles from different parts of the world such as Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Jujitsu.

One of the most exciting characteristics of the game is that is allows players to transform in a physical sense. This feature called ExoCore gives characters the chance to attack foes and become super strong for a short period of time. Sacred Scrolls may also be employed, giving players the chance to choose their fighting styles.

Rumble FighterEU by Nimonix Inc. has the following features:
• Players can group together to fight other teams and can also battle each other as individuals
• Players have the opportunity to choose from a myriad of pre-made characters
• Characters can be customized either by items or with the use of cash for premium abilities
• Multiple game modes featuring six classes of characters including Soul Fighter, Alchemist, Elementalist, Striker, Android, and Shaman
• Players can purchase clothing and other items using  currency such as “Astros” and “Carats”

Rumble Fighter is a free online game provides entertaining and exciting challenges which includes different types of fights such as massive brawls and surprise attacks. This game is available to avid gamers residing in North America and Europe.