Rumble Cube 1.3

pixelStorm (Proprietary)

Rumble Cube is a Tetris-style action puzzle game developed by pixelStorm and released by GameHouse in December of 2003. Rumble Cube gameplay feature pre-defined cube formations that appear from the top of the game board. The objective of the game is to arrange the cube formations as they fall to the bottom of the board so as to fill in all the spaces and not to leave gaps. When a whole line is filled in, the line of cubes is removed from the board. When there is a gap between the cubes and it cannot be filled in due to a cube on top of the gap, the players need to remove the lines above the gap first to be able to fill in the gap. The player levels up when he has removed a required set of lines.

Rumble Cube features a colorful game interface with the right half occupied with the game board. The board backdrop features images of different architectural buildings from around the world. The left panel shows the current Score, Level, Lines Left to be removed, and an image of the next cube piece to appear on the board. There are four game modes—Arcade, Bombs Away, World Trip, and 60 Seconds.
Arcade is the normal arcade style, while 60 Seconds is similar to that but with a 60-second time limit. Bombs Away features special cube pieces for bombs while World Trip is a much longer Arcade style game.