Ruby Development Environment 1.8.2

sakazuki (Shareware)

Ruby Development Environment (RDE) is a creation of Sakazuki. RDE is a flexible open source program that performs IDE or Integrated Development Environments tasks such as, but not limited to deploying, compiling, authoring, and debugging. This utility is intended by the creators as alternative for typical debuggers. Ruby Development Environment (RDE) is free for commercial and personal use and may be downloaded from the Internet.

Ruby Development Environment is an application that gives programmers and software developers a set of comprehensive facilities and tools to perform multiple IDE tasks. IDEs are designed to perform the following such as 1) maximizing programmer productivity, 2) reducing the necessary configuration, 3) improving overall productivity. This versatile IDE program allows developers to access a wide range of information within their existing environment.

Ruby Development Environment is an IDE is made in Delphi. This tool is intended specifically for Ruby, the script language. Ruby Development Environment lets the user perform Debuggers. Ruby is a programming language that is characterized as dynamic, and object oriented. This reflective programming supports a number of different programming paradigms such as imperative, functional and object-oriented. Ruby also has automatic memory management and is a dynamic type system similar to Dylan, CLU, Python, Smalltalk and Lisp.