Pocket Soft, Inc. (Shareware)

RTPatch is a program for distributing updates for applications and data. The program was first released in 1991. It supports providing patches and updates for different applications including Adobe, Electronic Arts, Panasonic, Siemens, IBM, McAfee, and many others. The application has a patented byte-level differencing feature, which reduces the size of updates by as much as 99%. The feature monitors all the changes that have been made for each file and distributes only the changed bytes to lessen the size of the updates. This makes it easier and quicker for end-users to update programs.

With the program, updates can be delivered automatically. There are two types of updates that the program offers. The first one is silent update wherein the update is done automatically and there is no need for end-users to configure settings. The second update allows users to choose to update immediately, schedule the update for a later time, look at information regarding the update, check for authentication, and even not update the software at all. RTPatch provides five different apply interface options. These are:

• Self-Applying Patch File with Graphical Interface
• Auto RTPatch
• Self-Applying Patch Files with Custom Graphical Interface
• Flexible Command-Line Interface
• RTPatch Apply DLL with Source Code and Sample Projects