RSSOwl 202.1.6

RSSOwl Team (Freeware)

RSSOwl is a news aggregator that can compile web content in just one place - the RSSOwl main window. This software can become the platform to read content from other websites. These content include blogs, videos, and even headlines. The software eliminates the need to visit a lot of other websites regularly to find out if they have new content. The user simply needs to subscribe to a feed of a website. The feed can be found in the website itself. The feed can also be pulled straight from this software through its search engine. This search engine can automatically detect a website's feed by just inputting the website's url.

RSSOwl can support syndication formats - RSS and Atom. It can create PDF documents based on the aggregated content. When searching for particular news, users simply type in the keyword to search. With the "multiple tabs" feature, the feeds can be displayed side by side. There is the option to limit the tabs which are displayed. Furthermore, the "embedded browser" can display the feed's content from the website where it comes from.

"News Bins" can be created in RSSOwl. This is where the user can keep news. Labels can also be created, to associate keywords with selected feeds.