RRPG Firecast

AlyssonRPG (Freeware)

RRPG Firecast is a program meant for tabletop or board game enthusiasts. It allows users to connect and challenge other players of tabletop games to games. There are several “data rollers”, chips and specialized systems meant for a variety of games such as the immensely popular Dungeons and Dragons series, Vampire, and other games as well. It is developed and maintained by Alysson Cunha, also known as AlyssonRPG. Versions for iPhone, iPad, and Android are also available from their respective app stores.

Using RRPG Firecast is easy, with many commands and features that users familiar with online gaming readily available. The interface includes a chat window for communicating with other players. Voice communication is also available. However, certain game rooms can choose to moderate this function, allowing only moderators and selected players to speak. Otherwise, players are free to use the voice chat function at any time. Basic commands like, die roll, chat log clearing, voice chat muting, and taunts are commands that any online gamer will be familiar with and thus makes it easy for new users to enjoy and play games with others over the internet. Other features such as “RRPG Scene” add to the overall enjoyment of the game experience by adding cut scenes when a player performs an action.