Enterbrain (Shareware)

RPG Maker VX is an RPG creator program developed by Enterbrain. It is the successor of the RPG Maker XP and the latest version of the PC RPG Maker series. As a game engine application, this program is used for creating role-playing games. It features ready to use and pre-made audio and graphics. Uploading or importing new resources from the program’s blog or online communities is also possible.

The application features a Map Editor. It is used for creating the game’s map. It also offers a wide selection of tiles for map creation. Autotiles and Tileset Organization tools are also available. The Autotiles enables users choose one autotile to use on the entire map while the Tileset Organization enables users to choose from five different tileset categories. Creating characters, monsters, skills, classes, magic and other important aspects on a game is also possible using the program’s Database. There is also a default database that provides guides on building the mechanics of the game being created. An Event Editor is available as well for creating all the events happening on the game. It also includes the Quick Event Creation tool that lets users create commonly made events like Doors, Transfers, Inns and Treasure Chest.