RPG Maker 2000 1.05

Enterbrain (Freeware)

RPG Maker 2000, as its name implies, is an application that enables users to create simple role playing games. It is the second of the series that is designed for users who have Microsoft Windows running on their computers. This application makes use of 16x16 pixel tiles and has an improved support for high frame rates, panorama backgrounds, and weather effects. It also adds a layer for tiles, and lets users create jumping motions for characters. This application also enables users to customize menu boxes and message dialogs. The screen resolution used for playing games is 320 x 240.

The low-resolution graphics make games created with this application compatible with older computers, and make drawing characters and game environments easier. As for gameplay options, this application makes use of a turn-based battle system in front view. This means that the opponent is facing the player on the screen. The application also provides users with a large collection of MIDI and WAV files that they can use as sound effects and soundtracks for their games.

RPG Maker 2000 includes 32 sample games users can try out and get inspiration from. This application makes it easy for users to render combat animation, use pictures as game backgrounds, and even use MP3 format audio files as background music.