Royal Envoy II CE 1.0

Playrix (Shareware)

Royal Envoy II: Collector's Edition is a time-and-resource management game that was released in 2011. Like its predecessor, the player acts as a city planner with a mission to save the Kingdom of Middleshire from its poverty. The game features 63 levels which, when completed, reward the player with 30 additional challenges. Every timed level can again be finished with up to three stars given as a performance rating according to the player's speed. The player cannot proceed if the timer expires on any given level. Restart functions allow level replay.

Cedric and other familiar characters from the original game are present to assist the player reach objectives. To reach the goal, the player has to work through ten regions. The missions involve exploring environments such as tropical beaches and braving the extremely cold arctic. An overhead map provides a view of each area, which must be converted into a thriving paradise. As with other casual building games, the tasks center on housing improvements, raising money, and gathering food and building resources.

The gameplay in this sequel shows some changes that make the game dynamic simpler. First, the waiting time for gathering resources is reduced. Workers no longer have to bring resources all the way to the castle. Instead, resources will just appear right before a tree or building. As the player clicks on these resources, his reserves will immediately increase. Change is also apparent in the new building types that occasionally appear in certain levels, which aid in resource harvesting. Houses may now be upgraded once, and there are no more tax collectors. The player must rely on using a strategic sequence of building tasks to succeed in each stage.