Roxio LP and Tape Assistant

Sonic Solutions (Bundled)

Roxio LP and Tape Assistant is an audio converter tool developed by Sonic Solutions. It is specifically designed for analog recordings. Using the program, tapes and LPs and can be converted to digital copies. The program is bundled with the Roxio Creator suite. It can be accessed from the Audio section of the Roxio Creator.

The program requires a cassette player or a turntable to be connected to the computer. It offers a Recording Setup Guide to guide users on how to connect  analog recordings to the PC. The interface of Roxio LP and Tape Assistant is straightforward. Users may choose to accept the default options before beginning recording/converting. An Advanced Options dialog box is also available that offers various configuration options. The Advanced Options dialog offers three main sections – General, File Format, and Track Detection. The General section offers configuration options for setting the duration of the recording, enabling/disabling recording system sounds, enable/disable recording pre-roll, and enabling/disabling auto pause. The File Format section allows users to choose the audio presets while the Track Detection section offers configuration options for recording an entire album or tape with several songs in it.

Aside from the Advanced Options, Roxio LP and Tape Assistant also provides options for choosing the input parameters, audio levels, audio waveform, and volume controls. It also features a built-in player and editor for previewing and editing the recording analog music.