Roxio Creator

Roxio (Shareware)

Roxio Creator is a digital media suite developed by Roxio. The program is an updated rebranded version of the Easy CD Creator program. Roxio Creator is an all-in-one application for various digital media tasks. It offers different tools for media (videos, music, data and images) projects.

The Roxio Creator application offers different tools for Data-Copy projects. It can copy files to almost any disc type and burn the files. Creating encrypted data discs and archiving big projects to several disc is also possible using the Burn Data Disc – Advanced tool. The program can also be used for duplicating an entire disc and backing up files on different media storages.

Tools for video-related tasks are available in the Roxio Creator program. It can be used for creating and editing video projects. Video enhancement tools are also available with different themes. The program can be used for converting video files to other formats. It can also copy and transfer videos from other platforms to the computer hard drive. The program can be connected online for watching and posting videos.

The Roxio Creator program also offers tools for audio projects. It can be used for making audio CDs, MP3s, DVD music disc, music compilations, and much more. Ripping audio files is also possible using this program. The application also offers tools for recording and editing audio files.

This digital media suite also provides tools for image-related projects. It can be used for enhancing, editing and sharing digital images. The program also has a tool for creating personalized collages, calendars and greeting cards. Transferring, importing and viewing tools for images are also available.