Roxio Burn

Roxio (Shareware)

Roxio Burn, formerly known as DLA (Drive Letter Access), is an optical disc authoring application that was introduced in 2009 as a substitute for DLA. The program has a drag and drop feature that allows users to easily burn files on CDs, DVDs, and BDs just by dragging the file onto the recordable disc icon. Whenever a recordable disc is inserted in the computer, an icon appears on the desktop and users can simply drag the file on the icon to start the burning process. ISO files are also compatible with the application. An .iso image can be burned on a disc, too.

Organizing shared files is also easy. Files that the user wants to share can be placed in a folder and into the recorder drive to make transferring files easier. Roxio Burn features media recommendation tools to aid the user in choosing the best type of tools to use when working with files. Users have the option to burn on multiple discs. When the files are too big to be burned on a single disc, the application alerts the user to insert a new disc to continue the burning process for the files. Roxio Burn supports the most popular audio and video formats.