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RosettaStoneV3.30 is an innovative utility that is designed to teach a new language. This program is driven by the learner’s pace and schedule. This utility is designed in such a way that it facilitates language learning similar to the way by which one’s first language is learned. This award-winning language program is used by millions the world over, and is designed to teach the learner to speak new words at the very outset. This helps build a strong vocabulary foundation that the learner can build on to learn a foreign language. The principle behind Rosetta Stone is to unlock the potential of every person to learn a new language.

TheRosettaStoneV3.30 companion gives users the opportunity to bring with them the language lessons wherever they go. The methods inculcated include dynamic immersion that does not require much memorization and translation. Comprehension is also given adequate focus in RosettaStoneV3.30.

Rosetta Stone V3: Latin Level 3 with Audio Companion is an interactive program that requires the learner to apply the lessons learned before the next lesson is started. The learner’s rate of progress drives the momentum of the language program, making it very individualized and adaptable to the user’s needs. With the help of this comprehensive application, users can speak a new language with confidence. The practice exercises are also fun and entertaining.