RootsMagic To-Go 6.0

RootsMagic, Inc. (Freeware)

RootsMagic To-Go is a genealogy program that lets the user easily track, organize, print, and share family history. Just like a database, it functions as a repository and organizer of large amounts of information that includes minute details such as dates of marriage, burial, health status and background, educational level, religion, and profession. The user can add to its sixty pre-defined fact categories. Photographs, videos, and sound clips can be attached to a family member’s profile, or to that of an entire family’s, or a place, as well as an event.

The program features a Timeline View that presents a family member’s life according to the sequence of events in his life and those of other family members. It contains CountyCheck, which allows the user to determine, verify, and correct the existence of a particular county, state, and country on any given date. Its Research Manager function monitors research sources, objectives, and results that are gathered on a person, family, or location. The “On This Day” list provides a platform to place family history events that may include experiences and happenings that the user considers as important or special. With its Media Tagging device, the user can also tag the media with other family members, relatives, places, and sources. For instance, an image of a census record along with its source citation based on a certain location that is mentioned in the record can be used. The software also lets the user perform web searches and even pulls the data from the websites.