Rootkit Unhooker

DiabloNova (Freeware)

Rootkit Unhooker is a rootkit detection and removal tool that is specially designed for IT professionals and advanced computer users. A rootkit is a type of software that is usually malicious. Hackers make use of rootkits to gain access to one’s computer system. This application can detect rootkits, including hidden processes, libraries, files, and drivers that may be associated with one. It also has report-generating features and a system update capability where users can check the server for program updates. In report generation, users can automatically send a report with all the pertinent information.

Rootkit Unhooker can detect SYSENTER/Int 2e hooks, Service Descriptor Table hooks, hidden processes and drivers, IRP hooks, hidden libraries and files, and API-based or code hooks. The presence of these hooks, processes, folders, and files is a sign that a computer may have rootkits in its system. The rootkit removal tool is able to remove these as well as end hidden processes. The software can also rebuild files so these can be analyzed.

One of the best features of the software is its ability to protect itself from malware attack so it can continue working too detect and remove rootkits. The program’s self-protection feature includes anti-debugging and internal integrity checking.