Room Zoom

Blade Interactive Studios (Proprietary)

Room Zoom: Race for Impact is a racing video game developed by Blade Interactive and published by Jaleco. It is a fast and high impact game that allows players to race miniature cars through giant-sized environments. These environments range from a kitchen to a bathroom to a mad scientist’s laboratory, and other locales. During the race, the player can pick up various power-ups, use dodge power tools, find shortcuts, and dodge power tools in order to get ahead of opponents. The power-ups include fireballs and shields among others. The game offers three ability levels, in which the player goes against Artificial Intelligence racers. Each race can have as many as seven laps, which the player must unlock as the game progresses. In order to this, the player must finish at least third place in the Championship mode.

The Championship mode requires the player to go through three groups of four races, each of which happens on a different track. The player can only save his/her progress every after four races, so s/he must be prepared to keep playing for a little while. The tracks come in a variety of smooth and rough surfaces, giving the player a bigger challenge in keeping the car under control.