RonyaSoft Poster Printer (ProPoster)

RonyaSoft (Shareware)

RonyaSoft Poster Printer, or simply ProPoster, is a program developed by RonyaSoft for large format banner and poster printing. It allows users to print large-sized posters and banners without the need of a special poster printer. A regular home/office printer can be used. It can convert any type of document (i.e. digital photos, pictures, Excel documents, Word documents, CAD drawings, and others) to large multipage documents. The program supports several types of vector and bitmap graphics formats including png, jpg, bmp, wmf, gif, and others.

ProPoster provides a straightforward interface. The user only needs to choose a file and size of the printed output. The input document is automatically enlarged or resized according to user preference then the program divides the file into several pages and prints it. Four types of image enlargement methods are available. These include Hermite, Bilinear, Lanczos, and Bicubic. Users may choose from different poster size templates as well. However, customizing the size to up to 10 by 10 meters is also possible. The program also supports TWAIN devices (i.e. camera and scanners), which enables users to obtain an image from these devices.

Other available features of RonyaSoft ProPoster include:

• Imperial and metric measurements (i.e. inch, mm, cm, etc…)
• Partial poster printing
• Support for clipboard operations
• Multilingual GUI support
• Skins for customization purposes